Lost My Voter ID Card, How To Get A New One?

Lost my voter ID card. How to get new one?, Lost my voter ID.

If your voter id is lost, and want to get new voter ID card. You are at right place, i have written full detail about How to get new voter ID card?

Before applying for new voter ID card, you must one thing that you have your EPIC number.

If you don't have your voter EPIC number, don't don't worry there is a way that you can get you voter EPIC number.

  • To get voter epic number, follow the following instructions.

Click Here to visit, you will get form.

Voter id

Fill your all details and then click Search button. After clicking the search button you will get a page like below.

Then click on View Detail. After clicking on view detail button you will get a page like below.

Copy the EPIC number from your voter information. I have also darked the place where EPIC number will found.

  • To get new one Voter ID, follow the following instructions.

Visit NVSP (National Voters Service Portal) site and open the (FORM-001). Or Click Here to fill Form-001.

Fill the form with correct details. And at end before submitting the form, fill this detail must on the column.

Fill - [ My Voter ID is lost, i want to get a new one, thank you! ] in Reason column.

Select - [  I wish to receive my EPIC by post ]. 

The submit you application, after submission you will get a reference id, keep the reference id to check your application status.

  • To check you voter ID card staus, follow the instructions.

Click Here to check your voter id status, after clicking on the link you get a page like below.

Fill your reference id in box and click the Track Status button.
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